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Chicago Prohibition Gangster Tour

Chicago's Underworld Revealed!

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Price Depends on Group Size

Explore Chicago’s Gangster History

This in-depth, two-and-a-half-hour private bus tour immerses you in Chicago’s Prohibition Era crime history. You visit notorious sites associated with Al Capone, his North Side rivals, and John Dillinger, including where the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre took place, where Dillinger was killed, and the locations of other gangland hits and near misses.

Your tour guide is John Binder, author of Al Capone’s Beer Wars and The Chicago Outfit and the consultant on numerous organized crime documentaries. He shares his vast knowledge on the subject and answers all your questions throughout the tour.

This luxury bus tour involves no walking, but we do make a few stops where you are welcome to exit the bus to get a closer look. Contact John at to arrange a tour!